About Us


And So It Began . . .

Cindy and I (Sarah) married Maranville brothers and have been family for almost 20 years.  What started out as a girls day shopping for our homes ended with an idea for a business.  On our trip we were talking about what we had for breakfast and we laughed because we had both made whole wheat pancakes using Papa Jack's delicious recipe.  Cindy was sad that she had used the last of her milled wheat that morning.   On our way to the Vintage Market shopping we dropped the empty container at our mother-in-law Linda's house so it could be filled again.  Our mother-in-law has been milling wheat for us ever since we joined the family.  On our drive back home we discussed about how we could share our healthy wholesome wheat and fun family recipes with others, so Clear Skies Milling began!  With the help of our wonderful husbands and support from our amazing kids we are able to supply you with quality, local, family farm-raised wheat. 

Home Sweet Farm

Maranville Farms is located on the eastern plains of Colorado, a  little over on hour east of Colorado Springs.  It is a third generation farm and consists of Jack and Linda and their three sons: Chad (Cindy), Scott (Sarah) and Barry (Mandy).  In this mix there are also 9 kids that are being raised in this farming family.  Wheat is one of the main crops that we grow and now can share with all of you!  

Maranville Farms Website

The Future

Our goal is to produce high quality wheat berries, whole wheat flour and whole wheat based mixes.  We are not sure where God is taking us on our business adventure but are excited to see what is in store.

Also, we love to get our creative juices flowing so please let us help you design fun gifts for teachers, Christmas, birthdays, etc.  We will highlight some of our ideas on both our Facebook page and this website.